We are passionate about crafting a range of delicious Ready-to-Eat meals, prepared with high quality, local produce. With Bentoree, meals which require hours of preparation can be enjoyed within minutes, specially for busy people like you.

Our ready-to-eat products have NO preservatives added. Just store Bentoree products at room temperature!

Always safe to do so! Our product packaging is made from food grade PP material which is microwavable and can be heated in steamer or in boiling water !

It typically takes 3-5days for orders to get to our customers, not including public holidays.

We do not accept return after the goods is received. Please kindly check that goods received are in good condition upon delivery.

However, if our products are found to be defective in very rare situation, return is acceptable. For more information, please contact 019-3658922.

Once order has been made online, cancellation is not available.

Any refund will be investigated and released ASAP.

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